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FormMax Filler
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FormMax Filler
Fast, Accurate, Flexible E-form Filling
FormMax Filler 3.5 is the $0 cost electronic form filler that lets users fill out forms created in FormMax while protecting the form design from modification. Easy tab-and-type entry makes filling out forms simple, and with autofill, database lookup, and automatic calculations you reduce the time and data-entry error. The build-in database keeps a record of all your entries, which you can search, sort, and update.

Features Highlight

  • Fast Fill Out Form
    FormMax Filler lets you fill out any form created with FormMax. It takes advantage of all built-in functions such as automatic calculations, AutoFill and database lookup.
  • Print/Fax/Mail Support
    Once a form has been filled out, you can print, fax, e-mail.
  • Embedded Database
    FormMax automatically creates an embedded database when you create a form. User can create a new, blank form using the record set as a template to create another record set, and then filling in new information. Once you have more than one record you can use toolbar buttons or commands to move back and forth through the record sets.
  • Data Export and Import
    You can export information from record sets to share information with other FormMax databases, or even share information with different databases. You can import field data (information) into an FormMax database from another database source. Importing data saves you the time of entering the same data manually and allows you to share data with other database users.
  • OLE 2 Support
    Use FormMax Filler with other OLE applications, or build custom solutions using OLE Automation.
  • AutoFill and Database Lookups
    FormMax Filler lets you enter a key piece of information in one field and have the current field or other fields automatically filled through AutoFill. Database lookups can generate drop-down lists from FormMax or other databases.
  • Multiple Pages
    Sometimes you may just need more pages on current form. FormMax Filler makes it possible to add more page in a form.

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The differences between FormMax and FormMax Filler

FormMax contains design and fill modes. In design mode, you create and design forms. In fill mode, you fill out, save, send, print forms and use the database functions. FormMax Filler contains the fill mode of FormMax only. It's developed as a companion for FormMax, for users who only need to use the fill mode functions of FormMax. FormMax Filler is the cost free way to let many people in your organization share forms and information, accurately fill out forms -- all while keeping the form layout safe from unauthorized modification.

FormMax Filler
Quick Tutorial